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6 thoughts on “ Problem - Various - Name Brand

  1. These names include Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, and Payne. In fact, up until years ago (take your heart medication right now if you need to), all four brand names came in the exact same box – there was only one unit for all four bands – and it came with four different name-plates enclosed in the box.
  2. Sep 27,  · Brands called by different names outside U.S. There are many other examples of autos that have different names at home and abroad. For .
  3. Oct 29,  · Coca-Cola's brand name, when first marketed in China, was sometimes translated as "Bite The Wax Tadpole." Colgate launched toothpaste .
  4. Thyroid drugs (thyroid hormones) are used to supplement low thyroid levels in people with hypothyroidism, also referred to as an underactive thyroid. Even though the thyroid produces two hormones, T3 and T4, synthetic T4 is most commonly prescribed to treat hypothyroidism.
  5. Mar 26,  · Generic drugs have different fillers and binders that many people point to as the culprit when a generic doesn't work as well. or that the patient had stabilized only on brand-name.
  6. Feb 23,  · When I bought my beater van it had 4 different tires I never noticed anything but you should at least keep the unmatched pair on the non-drive axle, put it on the rear if your car is FWD. They do need to be the same size especially if they are on the front of a fwd car. Having different sized tires up front can make steering funky and it won't make the differential very happy either.

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