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6 thoughts on “ Star Eyes - Maynard Ferguson - High Voltage 2

  1. For a period in the mid-to-late '80s, trumpeter Maynard Ferguson broke up his usual little big band and had a funky combo, a septet with just two horns and a large rhythm section. For the second of his two High Voltage CD's, Ferguson primarily plays group originals (plus a slower-than-usual "Star Eyes") that comes across as fairly routine and Price: $
  2. The soaring high notes as only Maynard can play them are evident on "Star Eyes" and the row energy and excitement of Zihautanejo (zay-what-in-a-o) will satisfy the Maynard fanatics. But you also gel much more of the other sides of Maynard in this less regimented setting including much more flugel horn.
  3. Jul 15,  · With liner notes by Ferguson’s co-producer Jim Exon, Complete High Voltage is now a fully realized collection a complete document of the small-group sound that Ferguson created during this time. Of course, the smaller the band, the bigger the sound and this 2-CD set delivers. Plug in, turn up and enjoy a different Maynard Ferguson experience!
  4. Star Eyes; Till Then; Zihuatanejo; Nightgown; Get Off the Bus; King Kan; Personnel. Maynard Ferguson (trumpet/flugelhorn) Matt Wallace (saxophones) John Toomey (keyboards), Michael Lufkin (bass), Dave Tull (drums), Tom “Boomer” Bevan (guitar), Billy Hulting (percussion) Amazon. High Voltage 2. Artist: High Voltage Title: High Voltage 2.
  5. High Voltage 2 Year of CD Release: Record Label: Intima Records Country: United States Catalog Number: 7
  6. Jul 07,  · Maynard at Olympics by xkaboomx. Maynard Fergsuson - "Hey Jude" Maynard Ferguson Birdland (High Voltage version) by sdartist1. Maynard Ferguson Christmas Medley - Ball State University - Maynard Ferguson-Star Eyes by Trent Davis. Maynard Ferguson Band ZDF by BlueMusicEurope.

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